Contact and Links

These are just basic prices for drawings (charcoals) and paintings (Acrylic or Oil). Contact me at:

Email: evelynastegno@outlook.com  

Cell: 636 346 0764

Charcoals start from $140  8"x11" $260 12"x16"

                                                (other sizes in between are available; prices vary on number of people/ background/level of details)

Small full Oils/Acrylics $230 8"x10"  $330 9"x12" $360 11"x14" $460 12"X16"


( basic background or one person) $700  14"x18"      $900  18"x24" $1300   24"x36"  

detailed background or more persons and details) $1400  14"x18" $1800  18"x24" $2600  24"x36"

I can work on different sizes. Let me know your specific requests by email or phone. I prefer to take pictures myself for any commission portrait. But if this is not possible -for different types of reasons-, I can work on photos that you have or that you can take, as long as they are very clear (I would say, if you are able to distinguish the eyelashes). 

I'll be happy to answer as soon as possible. Thank you!