I was born in Vicenza, Italy. As a young girl, I participated with my family in educational trips all over Europe. In high school I was fully immersed in classical studies. Although I hold a Master's Degree in Architecture from the University of Venice, Italy, I've been cultivating and developing my drawing and painting skills in a parallel course as regards the one of my formal education.

After graduating, I had two solo shows in Vicenza. I moved to St Louis in 2004, Missouri, where, from 2004 to 2008, I've been the resident artist at the Third Floor Gallery on Washington, for which I also curated art shows for one year. I then participated to art shows in St Louis, Chicago and Los Angeles. In St Louis I also showed or painted live at artistic and fundraising events. I've been published in newspapers and magazines in both Countries. My personal works and commissioned portraits are in collectors' houses around the USA and Italy. My works for the latest solo show "Maquerade. Flirting with Decadence" are currently in display and on sale at Houska Gallery, St Louis.