Painting and drawing have been a way to express myself since I was able to hold a pencil. It has been and is accompanied by a spontaneous urge to share it with people. In fact I hope that my artworks may help them look deeper into reality, appreciate any aspect of it and feel a form of human connection higher than the apparent one.

Different experiences, readings, learning and thoughts or just commissions bring me to paint. Usually different ideas on the same topic, sketched on paper, become integrated in a dynamic and significant composition that, even when complex, doesn’t leave space to unnecessary details.

Among the topics I want to share with people, there are certainly a few that I care mostly about. The most frequent are beauty and its meaning, religion, fairy tales and myths. Through them I fathom and deepen different events and aspects of existence. While I tend to research the meaning of it, I leave all answers open, though all through a window of hope and compassion.

That’s why my work is elaborated. I use my experience with different techniques and styles (from charcoal and pastel drawings, to miniatures on ties to oil portraits to impressionistic paintings to murals) just to help the artwork communicate itself in the best way.

For example, from a dark almost abstract background, sometimes with distorted shapes and elements in relief (that may portray trials, rationally inexplicable), emerge parts treated in a more impressionistic way (events or material things of which I just need to give a general and sufficient perception). Moreover, I tend to work more in detail the elements I want to put the focus on, usually faces and their expressions. I strive to use a more realistic extensive work on them as a way to help people internalize and connect in an empathetic way, rather than a way to show off artistic skills, which to me are in themselves a proof of a higher spiritual aspect of life.